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By Dr Zhiheng Tang

Causation is an uneven relation - if C factors E, then E doesn't reason C. during this e-book it truly is argued that: 1) significant theories of causation - the regularity idea and the counterfactual thought - can't correctly account for causal asymmetry; 2) Causal asymmetry is composed within the explanatory asymmetry among reason and impression; three) typically, the proposal of causation depends at the proposal of rationalization; in different phrases, clarification units a conceptual constraint on causation. In achieving those conclusions, concerns approximately simultaneous causation, backwards causation and lack causation are discussed.

"The relation among reason and impact is mostly regarded as uneven, in that if C factors E, then E doesn't reason C. (C and E are names of causal relata, be they gadgets, occasions, proof, tropes, and so on. during the ebook i don't take aspects at the nature of causal relata. For brevity, as a rule I communicate of occasions as causal relata, until the character of causal relata itself is lower than discussion.) placed on the other hand, the assumption is that for any causal relation among entities, the reason is sooner than the influence in a fashion that the influence isn't sooner than the reason. in addition, in view of the truth that to differentiate among reason and impression is simply to spot this sort of precedence, the assumption is just that for any causal relation there's a cause-effect contrast to this relation. those formulations are a little bit assorted in that means, yet during the ebook I shall use the time period 'causal asymmetry' interchangeably with 'causal priority', in addition to with ‘the cause-effect distinction’, such that they're all intended to call the type of factor in general marked out in those formulations. This 'kind of factor' is anything we all know to be there, yet usually we haven't any transparent and enterprise seize of it. Causal asymmetry is hence wanting research. a simple method of reading it's to assert that the asymmetry at factor is just a temporal one. Hume famously contains temporal precedence into his definition of reason. And if this is the case it can be concept that not anything except temporal asymmetry among reason and impression is required to account for causal asymmetry. yet to research causal asymmetry by way of the temporal asymmetry among reason and impact is insufficient in a minimum of the subsequent respects. First, it'll make either the thought of simultaneous causation and that of backwards causation analytically nonsense. yet they don't seem to be. humans frequently argue in good ways in which there are circumstances of simultaneous causation. Even backwards causation makes preliminary experience, or at any expense it's not whatever that are meant to be governed out a priori. moment, in accordance with the so-called causal idea of time, which a few imagine to be believable, the asymmetry of time is analyzable by way of the asymmetry of causation instead of the speak. despite the fact that complex this concept might be, it doesn't appear to be a non-starter."

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